Now there is No Option but to Store Rain Water

Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Concerned over the rising water consumption and record breaking summer temperature in Gujarat, The state government is planning to make rain water harvesting compulsory for every resident. Concerned over the depleting ground water level due to increasing bore wells pulling the water source and also new constructions cutting down open areas that can recharge ground water, the government is planning to take this mandatory step in near future.

Dutch Water Solutions India can provide good water storage solution in such situation. We have tanks with huge storage capacity which can store large quantity of water when it rains which can be used in times of shortage. Our tanks are made of liners which keep the water in same pristine quality as it was when stored. Moreover our covers are anti algae so there is a remote possibility of any such contamination in the water. Our tanks needs minimal maintenance so in the long run it is a 100% return on investment purchase.

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Ahmedabad : Infrastructure Company Ahmedabad Infrastructure Company   Capacity: 1 

Sanand - International Pharma Company Teva-Sanand Effluent Holding Tank Capacity: 2, 

Thane Village Domestic Water Shahapur-Thane Domestic Usage Water Storage Tank  

Dasada Cattle Farm Surel - Gujarat Cattle Drinking Water Tank Capaci 

Vadodara Cattle Farm Waghodia - Vadodara Dairy Farm for Cattle Capacit 

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