• Installation is fast and easy: depending on the size only 1 to 3 days with a team of maximum four people
  • A simple toolbox is enough to build the system. No  expensive specialized equipment is needed
  • If because of any reason the system needs to be moved  to another location, deconstruction and moving is  easy, fast and it does not have any effect on the quality  or durability.
  • Our systems work in extreme climates. Anywhere between – 20 C and + 50 C our systems will do fine. The same counts for earthquakes; our systems are made to last.
  • The liner makes it extremely difficult for algae to live and multiply, making sure the quality of the water is maintained.
  • The surface on which the system is being installed needs no special, difficult or expensive preparation.
  • Our systems are always low maintenance.
  • Transportation costs are minimal because of professional and strong packaging and includes a non-textual manual making it easy for everybody to construct our systems.
  • Last but not least: the price per liter is already sharp but goes even more down with the bigger sized systems.

Our Water Storage Systems are the best to get in the current market!


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