What type of water storage products do you have?

We provide open systems that can be covered with anti-algae protection sheets.

For our smaller tanks we advise a tensioned cover that goes over the tank.

For the Bigger tanks we provide a cover that floats on top of the water.

We also provide Hard Cover with customised sizes.

What are the storage capacities of your tanks?

Our standard tank sizes are:

a) 50 m3 = 50,000 liters

b) 100 m3 = 100,000 liters

c) 250 m3 = 250,000 liters

d) 500 m3 = 500,000 liters and

e) 750 m3 = 750,000 liters

But for large quantity orders, special sizes can also be considered

What kind of water can be stored in these tanks?

Mainly Rain water, Clean water, but we can also store Mild Saline Water, Sewage water, Grey water, Process Water and Drain water (as in Horticulture with minerals and nutrients)

What kind of materials are used?

The walls are made from S-350 GD Steel that are zinc - magnesium coated (hot dip method) for corrosion resistance and in case of aggressive environments like near the sea, and an optional chromate free coating (COLOFOR plus®), coating to provide for high corrosion resistance.

The liners - patented to hold water - are usually Polypropylene and Polypropylene reinforced with textiles.

Depending on the kind of water you want to store we provide a specific liner.

What is the storage cost per liter for the various products?

While we normally don’t calculate the storage price per litre (for many reasons) we have been asked this question many times and decided to calculate the storage price per litre. For our open systems (with floating covers) the range is between Rs. 9 and Rs. 3 per litre.

The price depends on the size (bigger is cheaper) but also application: different material/liners for different kinds of water.

What is the life expectancy of your products?

Since all our products are UV stabilised and made with high temperature variation resistant materials, our products can be expected to be used between 15 and 20 years under standard operation conditions.

Are there any installation and O&M costs involved?

Our price is Ex-Ahmedabad. Addl. VAT, transportation costs from Ahmedabad to your site and one time assembly costs are extra.

Are your tanks available in the Indian Market?

While we work with standard sizes, every tank is made on order (to allow for different position of outlets,…) in the Netherlands. We do keep the stock of the smaller tanks till 250K in India. But if not in stock, we count a lead time of 60 days from order with full payment in advance to delivery.

Assembly, on the other hand, takes only a couple of days, which is still a lot faster than an RCC tank.

Is it possible to install these tanks overhead?

Yes, it is possible to install them overhead, provided a suitable load bearing structure according to the capacity of the tank and a flat base is provided on top of the structure to assemble and secure the tank.

As with all civil work, the cost of such a structure is extra to the customer and does not fall under our scope of work.

Is it possible to place these tanks underground?

Yes, at least partially. Our tanks are built up in three layers of plates. The bottom layer can be placed underground. We advise you then to take a bottom plate with a chromate free coating for extra protection against corrosion since it will likely get wet during monsoon or due to water discharge from the top.

Are there outlets in these tanks?

Our standard models come with one outlet at the bottom, but if you need more we can install more outlets. The costs of this additional outlets will be extra. At the time of ordering you can specify your outlet pipe size and placement. We can easily accommodate pipes between 32 to 500 mm.

Is it possible to order tanks with a different size?

Yes, in case of large quantities, we can provide you with specific sizes of tanks.

Can I use your tank as a swimming pool?

Yes you can use our open tanks as a swimming pool. But don’t pour Chlorine directly in the tank as this will damage the tank liner. We advise you to premix the Chlorine and then add the diluted Chlorine to the water in the tank.

We can also provide you with a swimming pool quality liner (inquire for the price of this liner while ordering).

What is the thickness of the steel walls?

The thickness of the steel walls is 0.8 or 1.0 mm for the top layer. Depending on the size & rings of the tank, the thickness of the other plates can go up to 2.0 mm.

How are the walls protected against corrosion.

All our walls are coated on both sides with a 20 micron zinc magnesium layer.

It is also possible to go for extra protection, using walls that come with an extra chromate free coating (COLOFOR Plus ®)

Do you have an ISI or BIS mark?

No, not at this moment. Since our products are manufactured in Europe it is difficult to obtain such an India specific mark.

We are working on this, but are confident that by complying to all International standards (ATA/KIWA, DIN, ISO,…) and various other regulations our products can be trusted to work well on the Indian Market as well.

The liner we use has been food certified according to " Staatscourant n.114 of 15.06.2006.

Do you offer annual maintenance contracts?

Yes, if you feel the need to have us come regularly to check the condition of your tank, then it is possible to go for a AMC.

However, if you take care of your tank well by keeping it clean (removing leaves, possible branches and other things), checking the state of tank weekly by walking around it and visually check for possible problems and use it only for the specified liquid we believe that you will be very satisfied even without an AMC.

How long does it take to set up a tank?

While the smallest tanks can be set up in one day, for our 7,50,000 l. tank we will need two to three days, only.

What is needed to assemble the tank?

The only thing that is really required and that we do not provide is extra manpower. Our installation crew has all the necessary tools with them. The only real preparation we expect from you before arrival is the preparation of the site and foundation/excavation.

a) Wherever possible we advise you to use a foundation. This foundation can be concrete plates, properly paved concrete blocks, a concrete ring or a full concrete foundation. It even works if you use compacted ground to bear the weight of the water and a circle of concrete blocks of 30cm2 to support the metal walls.

If you want to place the tank partly underground you need to make the pit one meter wider than the diameter of the tank to allow access to the wall.

b) Before assembly the walls must be checked for bent edges as these might damage the liner if not corrected.

c) The top of the pallet contains the bottom ring, followed by the second layer and the top layer of the tank is on the bottom of the pallet.

d) When assembling the walls the bolts should go from the inside to the outside of the tanks with the nuts on the outside.

e) When assembling the middle layer, the should overlap on the outside to allow extra protection against rainwater.

f) The thicker white geo-textile protection of 500 gsm is for the bottom, the other 250gsm is for the side walls and go over the rim to protect the steel from cutting in the liner.

g) Tighten the bolts by hand rather than with a machine to avoid deformation of the sheets due to too much tightening.

h) Fill up the tank with at least 30 cm of water immediately after installation.

We have videos and picture manuals available to guide you through each step

How are the tanks transported?

Our tanks are specifically made for export and the metal sheets are packed in such a way that they fit in one or maximum two boxes. The total width is a little over two meters so that they just fit in a container. If possible use a fork-lift or crane to lift the pallet off the truck to avoid damage due to manual handling of the walls. Because the wall sections are put in assembly sequence we ask you not to move the plates separately (that is why we bolted them to the pallet).

What wind force can your tanks withstand?

During installation the maximum wind force is 5 which means wind speeds up to 40 km/h. An empty tank can withstand wind force 7 (speeds up to 60 km/h), while a full tank can even withstand speeds of up to 100 km/h (wind force 10) when installed on 12th Floor.

Is it possible to get a tax or import duty exemption?

Yes, you can get a refund for import duties but the process is time consuming and only works for drinking water supply for human consumption. Please contact us if you would like to have more information on this procedure.

What is the permeability of the tensioned cover?

Our tensioned covers are indeed permeable: water can seep through the cover into the tank.The main function of the cover is to prevent the growth of algae in the water in the tank, not to keep water out.

With heavy rain the water collects on the cover and will filter through at a rate of 7 liters per square meter per second.

This means that our 50,000 litre tank with a surface area of around 22 square meter can collect around 9500 litres per minute (If it ever rains that hard)

What is the Warranty / Guarantee of the Tank

Warranty is exclusively restricted to material - and manufacturing defects.

We provide warranty on all steel plates, hard cover, liners & anti algae sheets. Our guarantee covers the water tight welding & no degeneration / rotting of the film.

We do not provide warranty on outlets in silo wall liner, use of chlorine, sinking or wind damage to silo, liner & covers.

In case if a site is uneven and it is filled & leveled with soil. Then a concrete ring is made, thereby the tank is placed, will the system remain safe? During heavy rains, will this tend to tilt the tank in case the soil below may lossen?

We advice you to dig out the site till you reach a level where the sand has not been moved or disturbed and is compacted and build the platform on this.

Once the tank is installed, is there any method to ensure that it is fully secure? What are the checklist to be carried on?

Once the tank is installed and filled with water, once in 15 days or 30 days the rachet buckles of the liner are to be checked and tightened if they are loosen. Also check the tensioned cover or floating cover installed; clean them if you find any foreign particles or dust or branches of trees. Check the anchor bolts.

In case of any future calamity, can the tank be repaired or rectified without any defect / total loss of the tank.

Yes. The advantage of our modular system is that in case a part is damaged, we can replace or repair the part with minimal impact to the water storage system.

Can the tank be installed on the top of the apartments with lesser diameter & a outlet from the center like in a plastic tank ?

While it is possible to heighten the tanks ( to keep the capacity with a smaller diameter) by adding an extra ring at the top, you will need ladders and scaffolding to install the tank. We also advise to take our 1mm thickness bottom ring coated tank for this kind of application to protect against rain water collecting on the floor.

Do you provide with Hard Covers?

Yes. We do provide hard covers but with customised diameter tanks.

Can we build our tanks on concrete platforms of more than 6 ft of height? Will this not be a expensive project? Can you suggest an alternative.

There are different ways to construct the platform to place our tanks. On the ground or sub-ground level a ring of pavers is enough if the ground is compacted and stabilised. A concrete ring supporting the steel ring is also possible at ground level. Constructing a concrete, load bearing platform is the sturdiest option, but also costs more, certainly if you want to raise the platform to 6 ft or more height. If it is for the base, then you may fill 75% with jelly stones & rest 25% with concrete mixture.

Can jelly stones be placed before the soil to avoid rodents from entering and damaging the liner.

Yes. In case you opt for a ring of pavers or a concerte ring then adding jelly stones or crushed stones before you add sand can help in avoiding rodents eating the liner. Make sure that the stones can not shift or the sand seep away through them to avoid contact between stones and liner.

You can also put a bed of these stones around the tank.

In case of any mechanical damage, can the liner be repaired on site.

Yes, The liner can be welded in patches over small tears or leaks in the liner. To weld the liner, the tank should be emptied & the liner clean and dry.

Is the tank been supplied to the fisheries department or for fish farming? If yes, please provide data.

While we have not provided our tank for the fish farming industry in India, we do have international customers who use our tanks for just this application. For them we designed a lower tank (1 to 2 rings) that can be partially dug in the sand, to allow easy access to the fish.

Specific gravity applicable to our tanks

For the normal water storage the permissible specific gravity is between 1.0 to 1.2.  For storing any liquid with higher density, it becomes necessary to use steel plates with thickness more than 0.75 mm.

Can rainwater collected in our tanks, be used for drinking purpose.

No, this water cannot be directly used for drinking purpose. It needs filtration preferably Ultra or UV light to destroy the bacteria in the water.

Is it possible to store 2 separate liquids in our tanks by using a partition.

No, there is no possibility to insert a partition in our tanks.

What is the amount of evaporated water from our open tanks

The evaporation from any open bodies depends on the temperature in the water and in the air, and the humidity and the velocity of the air above the surface. We are inserting here an online calculator to help you calculate this.


What do I do when I have a question that is not answered here?


You can always use our contact form to send us your query and we will then reply you and add the solution here in the FAQ.




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