The problem with water scarcity is not the lack of rainfall, but the lack of consistent rainfall throughout the year. The challenge is to store the rainwater when it falls and keep it in a good condition so it can be used later for drinking, irrigation, construction or any other purpose. That is why DWS starts with the very essential core, Water Storage.
Our Water Storage Systems are simple, sustainable and affordable. It is basically made out of three components, which makes it easy to transport, easy to construct and easy to maintain. This makes our system superior to all solutions available in the market at the moment.




Our standard silo is made from high quality galvanized steel. To make sure that our silos stay in the best condition under any circumstance we offer coated tanks as well for areas and climates that ask for it, such as the desert and locations close to the sea. This extra corrosion protection enables longer life durability, making your investment double worth it. An example of a simple and effective solution.


Weather conditions in Europe differ from India. That’s why we changed the liner for the Indian market. We use AquaTex liners of 0.75 or 1.0 mm. This liner is known for its high UV and chemical resistance. Our liner will last in the desert as well as in the jungle or in the Himalaya’s. We guarantee that!


Not all surfaces are the same. That’s why we use special bottom and wall protection to make sure the liner is protected from the environment. Our liner lasts for a long time, partly because of this smart and simple solution. It is made from PP Geotextiles and it can be used in any circumstance.


Storage of water is only useful if it can be kept in a good condition. Unfortunately not only humans like water, algae also do. In most cases water contaminated with algae is not a good thing. That’s why we invented different protection covers for different situations. The most economical situation is our tensioned cover, which is spread and secured over the silo. On the one hand it prevents unwanted items from entering in the tank and evaporated water to go out, on the other hand it collects and allows rainwater through, saving even more water. In other situations a floating cover might be the best solution, or our hard-top cover, preventing monkeys from playing in the water. Our team will always look for the best and most effective solution.



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